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Potty Training your new Puppy

Keep it clean:

They learn this because their mother keeps the den cleaned up, immediately getting rid of any messes her puppies make. Without that scent around, the puppies don’t associate the area with relieving themselves. How do we recreate this idea for our puppies, then? Obviously, it’s important to thoroughly clean and deodorize any places where the puppy has had an accident immediately, but we also need them to learn to associate outside with bathroom breaks and learn that inside is not the place to do their business. If your puppy poops in the house pick it up and put it outside in the area you would like him to use. Remember that dogs have a way better sense of smell than humans so you may think it’s clean, but they may still be able to smell it.

Cleaning carpets: Soak up as much of the mess as possible. Saturate the area with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar & water solution. Let this sit for 10-15 minutes then soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Sprinkle baking soda over the area and let dry for 24 hours, then vacuum up.

Keep a schedule:

The best way for humans to recreate what the mother dog does is to create a schedule for our puppies, with regular, set times for training, feeding, bathroom breaks, and sleep. Keep in mind, too, that the most common times for a puppy to have to go are right after sleeping, eating, and playing. Young puppies should be brought out to potty every 2-3 hours and at least once or twice during the night. As the puppy gets older you should wait longer in between times so they learn to hold it, and by 4-6 months they should be able to go all night without having to go out. You also need to crate train your puppy so that he doesn’t have the run of the house.

Not on the carpet:

Remember, if your puppy is running loose, the first bit of carpet she finds that’s far from where she sleeps and eats is going to become a target. Why do puppies tend to piddle on the carpet instead of easily cleaned tile? Because carpet is soft under their paws and makes them think they’re standing on grass. It is best for your puppy to be supervised at all times and if not in a crate then only have limited access to parts of the house. If you do see your puppy sniffing around a lot like they are looking for a place to go immediately get them outside. Praise them for using the bathroom outside. If you see them using the bathroom in the house try to make a loud, sharp noise to interrupt them and get them outside to finish immediately.

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